Ad Requirements & Recommendations


Ad Requirements & Recommendations

Ready to make your own ads and get noticed? Great! It's easy to create effective, eye-catching ads if you follow these simple tips.


Ads are simply images that you upload to your SignSpan account.  The images that you create must follow these requirements before they can be uploaded:

  • The image file must be either JPEG or PNG format.  Files of these types typically have a .jpg or .png filename extension.
  • The image must be exactly 1920x1080 pixels in size.  This is the resolution of standard HD displays.
  • The image file must be no larger than 5MB in size.  If your image is larger than this limit, try re-saving the file with a higher compression level to create a smaller version.


To make the most out of your ads, we suggest the following practices:

  • Do not place text or content within a 60 pixel margin around the edge of the image. Information placed in this unsafe area may by clipped on some displays and may not be visible.
  • Identify yourself. Make sure your ad has information about you such as name, address, web site, etc. Use a large, clearly visible business logo. Your ads will be seen with ads from others, so you want your business to be easily identifiable when your ad is seen.
  • Use large, legible fonts. Text in small fonts may not be readable at a distance.
  • Use high resolution, quality images. Your ad will be seen the big screen. Imperfections in your ad could be glaring at that scale. Save your images at a high-quality compression level if your file format supports it.
  • Advertise specific deals, promotions, and events to give your ads value.
  • Use coupon codes, QR codes, or special links to track your ads. Figure out if you are getting customers from using the SignSpan display network.
  • Simplify and be impactful. Don't put too much content in your ads. Viewers may only see your ad for a couple of seconds and will not be able to read a lot of text in that time. If your ad doesn't get its message across in a couple of seconds, consider simplifying it for better impact. Will the viewer remember your ad and who you are?

Content Approval Criteria

The content of your ads must be approved by SignSpan before you can use them in your ad stream. The approval process happens automatically after you upload your ad images. You will receive an email to let you know if your ads are suitable to use.

If for some reason we reject an ad for not following the approval criteria, don't worry. We'll let you know what's wrong and how to correct it. After corrections are made, simply upload your new ad for approval.

Are your ready to submit your ads? Make sure you follow our approval criteria for what you intend to advertise.

The approval criteria includes:

  • Business name - What is the name of your business? Is your business name and/or logo fully visible, large, and legible?
  • Image quality - Is your image crisp, clear, and legible? Is it HD quality?
  • Accuracy - Is all information correct?
  • Sufficient information - Is there missing information? Where is the physical address of your business or organization? What link can someone use to find you on the web?
  • Appropriate content - Is your image suitable for all public audiences?
  • Promotion date (if applicable) - What is the beginning and end date of your promotion?
  • Product name (if applicable) - What is the name of the product you are advertising?
  • Event name (if applicable) - What is the name of the event you are promoting?