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Frequently Asked Questions

1What is SignSpan?
SignSpan is digital signage platform that provides an easy way for businesses to promote their advertising message. It is composed of a network of digital signage displays, such as TVs, that are located at various geographic locations. Using a simple, self-serve online web site, customers can schedule advertising images that are automatically shown on the displays in the network.
2What is digital signage?
Digital signage utilizes electronic dispays such as TVs and monitors to display messages. Relative to traditional signs, digital signage content can be easily customized, changed out quickly, and inexpensively delivered to many locations at once. Digital signage is often used to present a custom-tailored content mix, including product promotions, timely news, and upcoming events. Screens can be mounted on walls, ceilings, shelving systems, and aisle endcaps. They can also be integrated into freestanding displays and kiosks.
3How does SignSpan work?
As a customer, you sign in to the SignSpan web site and upload ad images to your account. Pick the ad images that you want to use and SignSpan automatically shows them on displays in the network. That's it! When you want to change ads, pick a new set to display. The frequency in which you can change ads depends on the plan that you select. SignSpan takes care preventing inappropriate ads from being displayed at specific venues. For example, a display located in a restaurant will not show ads for another restaurant. Learn more about How It Works.
4Where is SignSpan?
SignSpan is launching with a focus on the San Diego Gaslamp Quarter, deploying signs in that area first. The goal is to contribute to the great businesses there and help them thrive. Through collaborative advertise efforts, SignSpan proposes to increase customer traffic in the region. When you create your ad campaign, your ads will appear in various establishments in the Gaslamp District, encouraging customers to visit your business and cash in on the deals you offer. Check out a Map of Display Partners.
5How much does SignSpan cost?
SignSpan is a monthly service, paid on a monthly basis. There are 3 service plans: Starter, Essential, and Prime. Your cost will depend on which plan that you select. Check our pricing.
6How do I pay for my SignSpan service?
You can pay for your SignSpan service by using a credit card. When you select your plan, your credit card information will be registered securely. Service is paid for on a monthly basis, and your credit card will be charged for service for the upcoming month. At sign up, the first month of service will be prorated if necessary. Payments are collected on the first day of each month.
7What ads can I display?
You can display any advertising image related to your business or organization. All ads must be approved before it can be allowed on the display network. SignSpan screens ads to make sure they are suitable for display and looks at certain attributes including correctness, legibility, and appropriate content. If your ad is not approved, don't worry. We will give you feedback on what criteria needs to be met before the ad can be displayed.
8How many ads can I display?
No matter what your plan, you can display up to 5 ads at any time. You schedule your group of 5 ads in what is called an "ad set".
9When are ads are approved?
We strive to approve ad images within 24-hours, sometimes sooner. After an ad image is approved, you can start using it for display on the network. If your ad is not approved, you can follow the feedback given to resubmit your ad for approval again.
10How frequently can ads be changed?
The frequency at which you can change ads depends on the plan you choose. Our most popular plan is called Essential, which allows ad sets to be changed once per week. For those businesses and organizations requiring more flexibility and control of their advertising message, the Prime plan offers the ability to change ad sets everyday. The Starter plan is convenient if you have a consistent message to deliver and only need to change it once a month.
11What is the difference in the plans?
All plans allow you to specify up to 5 ads in an ad set. All ad images are HD quality (1920x1080 pixel resolution). Each ad is shown the same amount of time. The only difference in plans is how frequently you can change your active ad set. The available plans are called Starter, Essential, and Prime. You can change your ad set monthly, weekly, or daily respectively.
12How long is each of my ads displayed?
Each ad image is displayed for at least 10 seconds when it appears.
13Can I use videos to advertise my business?
Although video can be a compelling format for advertising, the SignSpan platform does not support it at the moment. Currently only images can be displayed on the SignSpan network.
14Can I change my plan?
Yes, of course! You can upgrade or downgrade your plan at any time. Simply manage your plan choice under your account after you sign in.
15What is the approval criteria for an ad image?
Got media? Great! Before your image can be displayed on the SignSpan network, it needs to fulfill certain criteria depending on what you intend to advertise. Included in the criteria are:

  • Promotion date - What is the beginning and end date of your promotion?
  • Business name - What is the name of your business?
  • Product name - What is the name of the product you are advertising?
  • Event name - What is the name of the event you are promoting?
  • Appropriate content - Is your image suitable for all public audiences?
  • Image quality - Is your image crisp, clear, and legible? Is it HD quality?
  • Accuracy - Is all information correct?
  • Sufficient information - Is there missing information? Where is the physical address of your business or organization? What link can someone use to find you on the web?
See our Ad Requirements & Recommendations page for full details.
16What type of media is usable?
SignSpan supports image media (no video). Images must be:

  • HD resolution (1920x1080 pixel)
  • JPG or PNG image file format
  • No larger than 5MB in file size
See our Ad Requirements & Recommendations page for full details.
17Why should I use SignSpan?
Get with the plan! SignSpan is good for advertisers for many reasons:

  • Cost - Using SignSpan is cheaper than most forms of advertising.
  • Ease of use - SignSpan provides a simple self-service web site to manage your advertising message.
  • Flexibility - You have full control of what to display on the SignSpan network and when.
  • Effectiveness - Rest assured that you are reaching the right audience.
18Who can use SignSpan?
Any business or organization that wants to get their message out in SignSpan's advertising area is encouraged to use SignSpan.
19What is a SignSpan Display Partner and how do I become one?
Interested in hosting a SignSpan display at your business location? Become a SignSpan Display Partner! Use an existing or new TV at your venue to display SignSpan ads. You can receive advertising consideration on the SignSpan network for being a Display Partner. Contact us at for more information.
20What are coupon codes?
Coupon codes are graphic labels or text snippets that you can display in your ad image. An example type of graphic coupon code is a QR code. Coupons codes are good ways to promote your deals and track how effective your advertising is. Customers can redeem them to take advantage of your offers. You can arrange codes so that when someone uses a specific code, you know where they saw your ad. This helps you understand how well your advertising budget is working.
21What do I do if I don't have ad media to use?
No media? No worries! SignSpan has graphic designers and photographers who are very talented and can make your ads look amazing. They can photograph your business or product and create ads that you can use on the SignSpan network immediately. This service is a convenient and cost-effective way to make sure you have quality ads that follow SignSpan's advertising criteria. Let us help you! Contact us at for more information.