Event Special


Request a $299 Event Special


Use SignSpan to Promote During Your Event!

Advertise during your event with our $299 special. This deal is perfect for those who need to advertise during relatively short events such as conferences, sports competitions, and holidays. Up to 7 consecutive days of advertising is possible. This is a more economical and effective option compared to signing up for a perpetual account that is intended to display ads for multi-month campaigns.

Fill out the information below and we'll get in touch with you to set up your account.

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You can always contact us directly for further information: events@signspan.com




The Small Print

The rules we have for our event special are pretty simple:

  • To create your event account, you will pre-pay a special price of $299. No other payments will be required. You can always switch your event account to a standard account that is charged monthly if desired. For a standard account you can choose any of our available plans.
  • An event account is eligible for 7 days of advertising with 5 ad images each day. Advertising must run on consecutive days. You may choose to advertise for less days if desired.
  • You can cancel your account at any time.
  • All ads must meet SignSpan ad requirements and approval criteria before they can be displayed. Approval decisions made by SignSpan are final.